Potato Week

The Potato is back on

the Menu


Get togehter to celebrate Denmarks favourite tuber

Why? The answer is simple. Because it is healthier and more climate friendly. The potato contains a long list of very important nutrients.

During the autuum break in week 42 our goal is to place the potato at the top of the agenda everywhere:

-On the class schedule in elementary schools

- On the canteen menu 

- On the restaurants menu

- Through potato events in the city 

Get an overview of activities, get inspired to put togehter your menu, learning material and a lot of information regarding the potato and its nutrients, ways to use it and a list of different sorts. 

Let's get togehter in week 42 - Ready to celebrate Denmarks all time vegetable!


Did you know, that potatos has a far better climate imprint than rice and pasta?

Actually, it is a fact that potatoes per kilo has a climate imprint at 0.2 kg CO2, pasta discharges 1.2 kg CO2 and rice discharges 3.3 kg CO2. And the potato gives the greatest feeling of being full per calorie. 

Inspirational dishes

Get inspired to more dishes with potatoes here.

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Elementary Schools

Together with our Culinary Leader, Per Mandrup, we have jumped to the kitchen to provide you with inspiration for fun exercises and ways to use the potato. See the videos and try it yourself during your next culinary class. 

Class sheets