Workshops & courses

Workshops & courses

Workshops are a great way to learn new skills, explore new topics, and promote creativity and innovation. Food workshops can take many different forms, from hands-on cooking classes to demonstrations and tastings. Hosting a food workshop can be a fun and rewarding experience for your company. It can provide a unique opportunity for employees to learn new skills, bond with their coworkers, and improve their overall health and wellness. We continuesly conduct a lot of different workshops with focus on taste, climate food and the use of local ingrediens. Take a look into some of our previous workshops and courses on this page. 

Previous workshops

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Workshops for all ages

At Culinary Institute by VejleErhverv we have had the pleasure of hosting workshops for canteen employees, foreign and local students in our development kitchen. With topics like taste, climate food and sensory we touch upon a lot of versatile subjects. Our biggest goal is to make sure that all participants will recieve new knowledge. And it is always a pleasure to experience how the participants will unfold their creativity and innovative sides out in the kitchen. 

See some of the workshops we have conducted and hear more about the participants experiences down here. 

School workshop: Nuggets

As part of a four step course 8th grade students from Kirstine Seligmanns School visited us. The first part of the couse was focused on local ingredients and how to use all ressources from just one ingredient. This time they were challenged to butcher an entire chicken that they would have to use in homemade nuggets.

The day of flavor 2022

In relation to the officiel Day of Flavor we got a visit from Vejle Fjord School who had a collaboration with the European union called Erasmus. As part of the project they got visits from schools in other countries. So they brought them to us. The first part of the day they had to taste a basic tomatosauce and the other half was focused on flavor and texture, when they had to build individual hotdogs. 

School workshop: Potato

In the orther part of the course with the 8th grade students from Kirstine Seligmanns School they had to work with the most traditionel, Danish ingredients, that over the years have been replaced by rice and pasta. 

Resiliense Climate Process

Resilience Climate Process is a teaching couse for public kitchens in Vejle Municipality, where we focus on strengthen the participants understanding of climate food, new ingredients, flavors and how to reinforce their own ability to create the most delisious, vegetarian dishes. Read more about the course here.