Who is Culinary Institute?

Our vision

Culinary Institute was founded in 2018 as a central part of Vejle Municipality's comprehensive food initiative. We create a unique bridge between the municipality and the business sector. With one foot inside the municipality and the other in the business sector, we strive to be a driving force for innovation and forward thinking in the food industry.

The vision of Culinary Institute is to create a space for the healthy and sensory meal as the foundation for a high quality of life. We view cooking as both an art and a science, and our vision is to inspire a nourishing relationship with food through creativity, knowledge, and sensory exploration.

We take the lead in shaping the future of the food industry by being driven by innovation and forward thinking. Our commitment to the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the Food Administration's climate diet advice reflects our dedication to sustainability and social responsibility. In our projects, we strive to engage all senses through experimental learning. From chef competitions to gastronomic horizon-expanding dinners and charity events, we create experiences that inspire and challenge.

Culinary Institute is located in the dynamic Food Innovation House in Dandy Business Park, where we are surrounded by like-minded food enthusiasts and innovative companies that share our passion for shaping the future of the food industry. We prioritize food and create awareness about the diverse food businesses in Vejle Municipality through our events and projects.

Culinary Institute focuses on intelligent food in relation to the body's needs. We aim to make informed choices in nutrition and promote health by understanding how food affects our well-being.

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The team behind

Culinary Institute


Culinary Manager

To understand the culinary universe, one needs a culinary master. Per is the soul behind Culinary Institute, and a trained leader. He has 40 years of experience in the restaurant industry as a chef, waiter, and former owner of the Michelin-starred restaurant Les Étoiles - a Une Rose.

Read more about Per's exciting career here

Contact Per


+45 20 64 24 62


Project Coordinator

Anne Mette has a solid background in food and cultural history and is driven to bring about changes in Danish food culture that consider health and the environment more deeply. With a firm hand, Anne Mette leads our EU project KISMET

Contact Anne Mette


+45 21 39 75 12


Project coordinator - on maternity leave

Ida is a trained Danish and culinary arts teacher, holding a master's degree in didactics. She excels in conveying our food vision and is passionate about involving the younger generation in shaping the future of food culture. Currently on maternity leave, Ida will return strongly after the summer break in 2024.

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+45 24 93 07 82


Project Coordinator

Sofie brings exciting experiences in food technology and innovation, and she is particularly passionate about plant-based products and solutions that bring consumers closer to producers. Sofie manages the EU project Cities2030.

Contakt Sofie


+45 61 60 68 90