Culinary Institute by VejleErhverv is the creator of GastroCrowd, a learning network, for people that shares a common love for food.

The network is for chefs and people, who are passionate about gastronomy, wants to gain more knowledge and push their boundaries. A space for geeks, where you will get the chance to learn everything from taste, technique to innovation.

GastroCrowd gathers a synergy of the best chefs, culinary experts and physicists to share ideas, tips and tricks. But the network also contributes to find solutions to social and lifestyle challenges.

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The members of GastroCrowd covers a large spectrum of the culinary universe. The network consists of culinary students, restaurant owners and brewers, that jointly share their knowledgde and skills, and inspires new experiences and taste. During one of our Gastrodays, we sat down with some of the participants to learn more about their work, passion for food and opinion on GastroCrowd. Learn more about our culinary geeks down below.

Andreas Hansen, culinary student at Hotel Munkebjerg 

Andreas has worked in the hospitality industry since he was 15 years old, and loves to test new taste experiences. He is particularly interested in learning more about new gastronomic ways to incoporate beer. 

Cecilie Færch, culinary student at Restaurant Malt 

Cecilie is passionate about creating something out of nothing. She loves to work with local groceries and make sure, that her food taste really delicious. Additionally, she has a sweet tooth and loves to work with berries and develop desserts. 

Jacob Jørgensen, culinary student at Hotel Munkebjerg

With a butcher father, Jacob was introduced to cooking at an early age. His dream produce to work with is mushrooms, because they can be used in so many different ways. 

Jens Vincent, souschef at Restaurant Treetop

Desserts are Jens' strength, but for him, it is all about trying new ways and methods. GastroCrowd has opened new doors and has given him a handfuld of new knowledge.

Michael Skovgaard, owner of Skovsgaard Deli

In his deli, Michael is focused on selling food, made from scratch. Everything from bread to icecream. He is passionate about cooking good food, but with the best produces for parties, where you get the sense of home. 

Rasmus Refshauge, culinary student at Restaurant Leieffroy 

Rasmus has grown up in a family, where everybody has worked with food, in some way or another, so he was destined to become a chef. He is very passionate about working with fresh produce from local suppliers and making it tasty. 

Bjarne Taudal, co-owner of SEJD - Café og Boutique 

Bjarne defines himself as a self-taught cook, with a focus on mythological gastronomy, where the stories from Jelling and the historical monuments are his primary source of inspiration. 

Gitte Holmboe, owner of Bøgedal Bryghus 

Gitte is passionate about the handcraft and what is necessary, in order to create a good product. The network helps her to expand her horizon and give her the right inspiration to explore new ways of brewing. 

Jan Asmussen, a la carte chef at Hotel Munkebjerg

Jan has a great intrest in the nordic cuisine and the best possible use of seasonal produces, which he also aspire to pass on to others. 

Jesper Schytte, headchef at Hotel Munkebjerg

Jesper is not only passionate about cooking, but he loves to educate future chefs, butchers etc. He likes working with beef and exploring pieces, you don't usually use as much. 

Morten Rasted, chef and co-owner of Restaurant Domestic

Although Morten has a lot of knowledge in the gastronomic area, he feels that GastroCrowd is a awesome initiative, where it is possible to share your knowledge and meet other people, who share the same passion for food.

Simon Engdal, culinary student at Restaurant MeMu

Simon always dreamt of becoming a chef. He is passionate about cooking at a high level and making sure, that the guests are having a good expperience. A fun fact is, that Simon has a great interest in baking, especially bread. 

Cecilie Hundevad Andersen, chef at Svinkløv Badehotel

For Cecilie, GastroCrowd is the perfect opportunity for chefs, who are interested in  gaining more knowledge. But also, that people, who already posses a lot of knowledge in the culinary universe, are interested in passing it on to others.