Turbo Plant

Matching process for plant-based SMEs

Are you ready for the future demand for

plant-based food?

Plant-based SMEs often struggle to break through in desired markets. The project initiative, Turbo Plant, has been created to generate growth among plant-based businesses through relevant matchmaking - both nationally and internationally. The goal is to drive the transition of the Danish food industry and contribute to the development of new food products. The matching process for plant-based SMEs will connect your company with larger retail chains and players in foodservice and online sales industries that have the expertise and development capacity to contribute to the scaling of your plant-based products and business. The collaboration can take various forms, from licensing agreements between partners to the acquisition of companies or product categories.

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Twice a year, matchmaking events will be held for plant-based food companies, where relevant stakeholders will be invited and you will have the opportunity to introduce your products to potential partners.


The program consists of six phases that are interconnected but also function as flexible modules, allowing each participant to be placed in the phase that makes the most sense for them. Throughout the six phases, you will be provided with tailored assistance to prepare for the collaboration.


With the right match, you will achieve valuable synergy and better sales channels to scale your business. Through the project, we will match SMEs and small startups in the plant-based food industry with larger companies, crowdfunding, investors, retail chains, and buyers.

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