The taste of Vejle


Vejle is an amazing city at a high culinary and gastronomic level. Explore our taste universe, where we and City Vejle will introduce you to a team of talented geeks, who are extremely passionate about their craft and has made their mark on the food scenary, in Vejle. You will get the chance to meet chefs, bakers and baristas, who will show you, what you need to brew the best cup of coffee or how you can get the most out of your ingredients. 

Video: Spot-On Studios

Kris, Oasia - Sushi & Wok 

How do you roll the best sushi? What should you place at the bottom of the roll? And how should you cut it? Together with Kris from Oasia - Sushi & Wok you will be dressed to make the most colourful sushi rolls, that not only taste good, but is visually appealing.

Anne, Konditoriet

What do you need to be attentive of in order not to get a grainy Mousse? How much do you have to whip your cream, so that the air doesn't get whipped out?

That is just some of the tricks, that Anne from Konditoriet demonstrates when making her version of a creamy, white Chocolate Mousse.  

Bjørn, MadIndustrien 

How to serve a delicious and delicate tartare, that is free of meat tendon and fat?Bjørn, who is the head chef at MadIndustrien, demonstrates, how they assemble their  tartare and gives his advise on, what you need to think about, if you want to  make it at home, for example as a starter.

Nicolaj, Restaurant Treetop

Get inspired by Nicolaj to how you can serve cheese in a new and different version, without having to comprise on simplicity and flavour. One way could be to press the cheese and add different taste nuances. 

Troels, Anduma Vinbar

Get an insight to the world of wine and learn everything from decanting, how to prepare your glass and different notes of wine, that suits the sort of grape you prefer. Troels from Anduma Wine Bar demonstrates examples of white and red wines from selected regions, that will suit your taste.

Maria, Bryg Coffee House 

 With many years of expereince in brewing coffee, Maria, one of Denmarks most talented baristas, shows you how you can brew the most delicious and tateful cup of coffee. 

Kamran, OCCO

What flour should you use in order to secure a crunchy crust? How can you put together simple pizzas filled with flavour? With guidance from Kamran from OCCO Pizzeria you can get inspiration to make the most amazing and crunchy pizzas at home. Watch the video and see how he puts together 3 different pizzas - a vegan pizza, a pizza with confit duck and a pizza with scallops. 

Mathias, Mohira Tacoshop, Street Food Vejle

What do you need to put together a juicy Baja Fish Taco, that is both crispy, sour and spicey? What kind of fish works the best for this type of dish? Watch while Mathias from Mohira Tacoshop in Street Food Vejle shows his take on delicious tacos and a homemade, chucky guacamole. 

Daniel, Restaurant Lyst 

See how Daniel from Restaurant Lyst puts together an innovative, but simple dish, as a tribute to the biggest Danish nationalingrediens - The potato. How can you use all the different elements of a potatot and still maintain a good umami flavour?

Niels, 1401 Tapas & Burgers

Instead of bying frozen nuggets, Niels will show you, how simply and delicious you can cook the perfect nugget. Learn more on, what you need to be aware of, when frying the chicken, in order to secure a crispy, not soggy, chicken. 

Heike, The Buddha Bowl Project 

Get inspirered to how to put together the most delicious Buddha Bowl, that contains the right experiences of flavour and the right colourplay. Heike from The Buddha Bowl Project will teach you, how you can put together a chicken bowl, which contains a holistic flavour experience. 

René, PlanB - Tapas, Vin & Cocktails

Get inspirered to, how you can put together a yummy nordic tapas. René from PlanB, shows his interpretation of, what a nordic tapas could contain. From french country chicken, hot potato soup and nordic sausages. 

Jeanette, Vanilla Chocolatier & Konditori 

Jeanette provides you with an easy guide to, how you can make the most delicate, french macarons with chocolate ganace, at home. She demonstrates different tips on, how to get the most airy menringue and what you can do to secure a homogenous look. 

Bjarne, Sejd - Café & Boutique 

With the company of his dear mother, Bjarne will show you, how to cook scotch eggs on a spinach layer, a 50 year old family recipie, that Bjarne grew up eating. Can be servered with a cold and delicious easter brew. 

Ingredients (30 pcs):


150 g almond flour

150 g powdered sugar

4 egg whites

150 g sugar

1/2 cups water


175 g chocolate

250 ml cream


Spinach layer
50 g butter

4 spsk flour

2 1/2 cup milk

800 g chopped, defrosted spinach

1/2 cup cream 

2 tbsp sugar


Scotch eggs

4 pcs small egg (boil extra just in case)

1000 g minced pork/cattle 

2 pcs mediumsize onions

2 tsp salt 

Freshly grounded peber 

1 cup cream

Bread crumbs