Food Innovation

We strive on putting food on the agenda and offer guidance for both small and large companies. In a partnership we can help to solve your challenges and ensure, that your products are fulfilling their maximum potential.
Our work is centered around holistic sensory experience, the understanding of food, product development, conceptualization, coaching and so much more. 

Holistic sensory experience

Are focus is not the meal in its simplicity, but also the elements surrounding it. That's why we use sensory play, in order to create a better entity.

Understanding food

We don't aim to to change, but to improve. Sometimes it is necessary to rethink and understand natural ingredients, products, etc. That's when we come in. 


It can be difficult to establish a strong concept, that matches the company’s brand and identity. We help you to take a closer look at which areas, that need improvement.


 We organize a wide range of events, with everything from gastronomy, art and food waste as the main theme. Stay tuned and be updated on, what creative and fun ideas we have coming up.