We strive on putting food on the agenda and offer guidance for both small and large companies. In a partnership we can help to solve your challenges and ensure, that your products are fulfilling their maximum potential. Our work is centered around holistic sensory experience, the understanding of food, product development, conceptualization, coaching and so much more. 

Holistic sensory experience

Are focus is not the meal in its simplicity, but also the elements surrounding it. That's why we use sensory play, in order to create a better entity.

Understanding food

We don't aim to to change, but to improve. Sometimes it is necessary to rethink and understand natural ingredients, products, etc. That's when we come in. 


It can be difficult to establish a strong concept, that matches the company’s brand and identity. We help you to take a closer look at which areas, that need improvement.


Learning and development network for foodies, restaurateur and scientists

Do you want to become a part of a forum where you can share your knowledge and experiences? Then become a part of GastroCrowd. we offer a membership for both companies and individuals. Read more about the different membershiptypes and choose the one that suits your needs. 


Serveret ret fra Local Cooking konkurrence 2019 med mørk baggrund


Wednesday & Thursday, October 19 - 20 

Wednesday and thursday during the autumn holiday from 10 am - 2 pm the Town Hall Square is filled with different potato activities. Participate in competitions, try making potato slime and dig for potatos in the field and transform them into chips.

Hotdog med tørrede larver


Saturday, October 23

An utraditional cooking competition where a handfuld of Denmarks top chefs are competing on to make the best 3-course meal with the potato as the center. The winner will recieve a travel grant worth 20.000 DKK.

 der siger 'Vejle Madfest' den 11.juni.


Tuesday & Wednesday, October 25 - 26

A fun cooking competition where it's all about creating the best potato dish. Participate and give the students the opportunity to work with climate, taste and collaboration in teams. And the winner can  look forward to an amazing prize. 

Food innovation in unique and physical surroundings

In need for an innovative environment as a framework for your next physical or digital event? 

At Culinary Institute by VejleErhverv we offer an inspirering environment for your next workshop, lecture, meeting or product presentation. Read more about our progressive  environment here.