The Chefs Award 2021


On sunday, november 7, the Danish Fund of Gastronomy and Culinary Institute by VejleErhverv conducted the final in the Chefs Award 2020/2021. The importance of fine craftsmenship and classical dishes were centre of attention, when 4 finalists had to cook their winning dish from the semifinal, together with a secret challenge. The winner was Boris Lunderskov Kløft, from Formel B. First price was a 3-day classical, gastronomic educational journey, with an escort, to Paris. The judging panel consisted of: Vivi Schou, Anita Klemensen, Hans Kjellsson, Thomas Pasfall, Jens Peter Kolbeck, Søren Hansen and Per Mandrup.

Photo: Søren Gammelmark, Video: Spot-On Studios