Meal development


Improvement, not change

At Culinary Institute by VejleErhverv we focus on the meal. Previously, we have worked on understanding food in various ways for schools, canteens, institutions and nursing homes. Way too often, essential components are overlooked or made even more complicated, than what is necessary. Therefore, it is important to be innovative, in order to develop a better ‘product’, that serves the proper value.

Instead of focusing on change, we are interested in making improvements. Change often sets people in a big dilemma and the crucial question gets lost in translation; Who is the change an improvement for?
If your company are able to answer the question, then there is no need for change.

We run the innovation process through a well-documented work method, which has been used in administrations, the Danish Defence and primary schools: The 1925-model. There is always room for improvement, but the crystal-clear question can’t be blurry, if you want to be sure on, what you want to improve. 


In this context, we offer 3 different solutions in the process of understanding food: 

  • A crystal-clear question.
  • The entire innovation process.
  • An interactive innovation, which means a crystal-clear question followed by an innovation process, that will lead to a new crystal-clear question, which is followed by a new innovation process.


See how the method is used in the video below, where we got employees, within the welfare service, to pitch to the Dragons’ Den, on how citizens’ meal could be improved, in relation to a large Resilience Food Project.