What we do


Culinary Institute by VejleErhverv is located in Food Innovation House and is part of Vejle Municipality's big food investment, where food innovation is at the top of the agenda. Vejle Business is part of Vejle Municipality and makes it possible for us to pull on a large business network, with more than 7.000 employees within the food industry alone.

The culinary adventure started back in 2018, with the vision of creating a space for the healthy and sensory meal, as the foundation for quality of life. Among other things, we are able to do this through holistic sensory experience, where we make sense of all senses, through experiential learning.


We have worked with a variety of challenges and issues, small and large, all with the purpose of transferering knowledge, which has helped food companies to rediscover the joy of food and implemented improvements. We do this, based on a mantra that focus on intelligent food in relation to, what the body needs. Over time, we have been involved in several fun and creative projects:


  • Helped schools, canteens and nursing homes to rethink food.
  • Developed the food industry in collaboration with educational institutions and interdisciplinary networks.
  • Supported local suppliers to increase entrepreneurship.
  • Organized a handful of different events, with food as the center of attention.

Our work at Culinary Institute by VejleErhverv is centered around a food star, where all the tips represent keywords, that has a significant role in all of the projects, we are involved in:  


Food, Business, Improvement, Front Runners, UN Sustainable Development Goals.  


The food aspect covers every know and unknown edible elements. Business has to do with all the areas, where a trade takes place. Improvement is not based on changes, but innovation. Frontrunners are the innovators, who start the trends when it comes to food, gastronomy and sensory experience. We are constantly trying to remind ourselves, and others, of the importance of doing something for the greater good. That is why, it is so important to us, that the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals are always, actively involved in every aspects of our work.

What we offer


A learning network where a big love for food are worshiped. The network is for chefs and foodies who are passionate about food and wants to get more knowledge and move professional boundaries


Guidance and help for entrepreneurships within the food industry. We are here to help with everything from matchmaking, product development, membership of entrepreneur networks and concept development.  


We arrange a lot of food events in collaboration with Vejle Municipality where new knowledge are the main focus. Both for elementary school students and restaurateurs. From VM In Hotdog, The Potato Award to Vejle Food Festival. 

Innovative and inspirering environment

Would you like to arrange your next meeting or product presentation in an innovative and inspirering enviroment with a selection of physical and digital opportunities? At Culinary Institute by VejleErhverv we are ready to help your food company to reach its full potential in the coolest environment. Get an overview over the different opportunities we offer under here. 


Digital sales meetings

Development kitchen

Product presentation


Food workshops


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