Vejle Championship in hotdogs - Pickling

Pickling for your hotdog 

Togehter with Rie Schimmel, owner of Syltet, you can be the world champion of pickling the most delicious condiment for your hotdog. Get tips from Rie to what you need to be attentive to, when pickling and get her recipies for pickled red onions, cucumber salad, carrots and homemade remoulade. Follow and get inspired to 'spice up' your hotdogs with pickled condiments. 

 Film: Spot-On Studios

Learn more about Rie Schmimmel, the owner of Syltet. 

Serve hotdogs med beef sausage, bérnaise mayo, pickled tomatos, pickled red onions and homemade fried onions.

A spicey hotdog with chicken sausages, mayo, chili pickled or sea bucktorn pickled carrots and never the less, chili. 

Ries 5 tips for pickling that you need to be attentive. 

Optimize your hotdog with a herb sausage, mayo with parsley, pickled mustard seeds and pickled cucumbers with elderflower vinegar.

Creamy hotdogs with beef sausage flavoured with chili, kethup, mayo, homemade reoulade with pickled onions, carrots and cucumbers. Topped with fried onions.