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As a member of GastroCrowd you will get access to a large network of chefs, culinary experts, scientists and business leaders. We offer three different membership solutions, designed for people in the food and restaurant industry. We are focused on creating a universe, where you're able to share your knowledge and ideas in a community with other passionate foodies. We strive to give you an experience, that's worth your while. Se the different membership solutions and price range down below. 

GastroCrowd V.I.P

  • Flex workspace at Culinary Institute by VejleErhverv/Food Innovation House
  • Participation in events by Fødevareklubben, Madværket og FIH
  • Matchmaking on business development support and research projects (local/national)
  • Usage of a product development kitchen, Taste Lab and studio 
  • Member of Start Up Vejle 
  • 1 x anual livestream 
  • 1 x short SoMe video

GastroCrowd Expert og Nerd are incl.

1.900 DKK pr. month

ex. VAT

GastroCrowd Expert

  • Participation in 8 - 10 Gastrodays a year
  • Matchmaking in support of business development (local/national)
  • Use of development kitchen, bakery, Taste Lab, foto studio 
  • Reception of digital learning materials  
  • Participation in a digital network
  • Participation in Food Travels (1 -2 per year)
  • Participation in a large community of Foodies 

575 DKK pr. month

ex. VAT

GastroCrowd Nerd

  • Preperation of a professional and personal resume
  • Working and cooperating on The Official Dietary Guidelines
  • Matchmaking in support of business development in regards to climate (local/national)
  • Participation in climate network
  • Participation in a large food waste network
  • Participation in events by Culinary Institute by VejleErhverv

Extra purchase for participation in Gastrodays

175 DKK pr. month

ex. VAT


GastroCrowd Supporters

  • Participation in 8 - 10 gastrodays a year 
  • Participation in a larger learning network with other chefs, restaurateurs, sicentists, students etc. 
  • Participation in a common industry, digital SoMe network

Deductible can occur at selected events 

75 DKK pr. month

incl. VAT


Sign up for our amazing community of Foodies today and get the opportunity to share your passion with others. Our only criteria is, that you have to be passionate about exploring and developing your craft. 

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Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions we come across. 

Are you missing an answer to your question? Then contact us here. 

What is GastroCrowd?

GastroCrowd is a gastronomic learning and knowledge network where a great love for food is cultivated. Here you can network and spar with others from the industry while expanding your horizon.

What does a GastroCrowd membership include?

A GastroCrowd membership includes different things, depending on which membership you decide to purchase. Read more about our membership types and prices here. NOTE: If you choose to purchase membership for GastroCrowd Nerd (Climate Nerd) you will be charged extra for participation at single Gastrodays events.

What does a membership cost?

The price of a GastroCrowd membership varies depending on the package you choose to purchase. The price of GastroCrowd Nerd is 175 DKK per month, but does not include as much as GastroCrowd Expert which costs 575 DKK per month. The package where you get the most included is GastroCrowd V.I.P which costs 1,900 DKK per month. See more about our packages and prices here.

Why Gastrogrowd? 

By choosing a GastroCrowd membership for either your employees or as an individual, you get 1) an expanded network of like-minded food nerds, 2) a lot of knowledge and experiences, and 3) a handful of new knowledge you can use in your daily work. If at the same time, you are interested in pushing your boundaries and gaining more knowledge, then there is lots of opportunities for just that.

Who is GastroCrowd for?

Gastrocrowd is targeted at people in the food industry who have a passion for food and gastronomy. It is for people who want to develop new knowledge, tips and tricks and techniques yoiu can share with others, all while solving societal and lifestyle challenges. 

Can I get help for sparring as a Food Start Up?

Yes. Our GastroCrowd V.I.P. membership is targeted at Food Start Ups. We help with everything from matchmaking, product development, product images to concept development.

What is the difference between the packages?

By selecting GastroCrowd V.I.P., GastroCrowd Expert and Nerd are inclusive in the price. Nerd is focused on climate geeks, but you will be purchased extra for for attending our Gastrodays. You can see the differences between packages here.

Can more than one person sign up from a company?

Yes. If both you and your colleagues are interested in a membership you can easily sign up more than one from the same company. 

Is there a limited number of places in the network?

No. Everyone is welcome in GastroCrowd, as long as you have a passion for food, gastronomy, development, taste and sharing your knowledge.