Dates and themes for all Gastrodays in 2022. Be attentive to, that changes may occur. 

The time will be 10 - 2 AM. 

January 27: The sharpest tool in the shed

Together with Steffen, the man behind Early Nature, we are working on how to understand, use and maintain your tool to the best of its ability. In the second part of the day we are taking a practical approach as you get the chance to sharpen your best knife into perfection.

February 24: Get the climate to 'taste' 

What happens with our food and meals when the climate is the centre of attention? Often we experience that taste is left out in the development of meat substitutes and plant-based foods. On this Gastroday we are working on how we can create new flavours and new ways with new ingredients, in a new reality. 

April 21: Climate Gastro

Focus in new proteins i an gastro context. How can we get new proteins to taste good? How can they be incorporated much better? Let's take a look. 

May 19: GastroDay

More information follows, so stay tuned. 

August 25: GastroDay

More information follows, so stay tuned. 

September 29: Fall pickling and fermentation

 With fall produce you can oplift a simple dish with delicious, fermented vegetables. At this Gastroday you will get the best advices for fall pickling and fermentation processes.

October 27: Forrest gold

The forrest contains a lot of wonderful things. But during the fall the forrest soils are filled with pure gold - amazing mushrooms. On this GastroDay we are taking a closer look on different fungal species and how you can use each individual flavour. 

November 24: Food waste

How can we help to provent food waste from happening? Get inspiration and the best tips and tricks to avoid food waste. 

December 13: The best advice against food waste 

Christmas is the worst enemy against food waste. What can we do in order to prevent tons of food waste from happening? 

Get the best advice during the final GastroDay of 2022.

Network activities

March 14. - 15: Climate Nerd

Photo: Christian Lykking. 

Focus on new souces of protein, new produces, new flavours and new ways to incorporate climate needs. 

June 3 - 4: The Food Rally 

The focus of the Food Rally in Lolland is food culture and food processes. Through debates, workshops and tastings, our goal is to explore what is on our plates and how it is produced

The purpose is to create new insights and perspectives on our food system and Denmark as a food nation. 

June 16 - 19: The Peoples Meeting

In relation to the Peoples Meeting on Bornholm our purpose is to affect the dialogue and not least the debate regarding food and the use of food in Denmark. We need to help in order to raise the standards and strengthen the understanding within different areas such as plant-based produce. This network also focus on, how in real-life we can make an influence.