Eat together in Vejle


A Community of Tartlets

Would you like to be a part of new communities? Denmark Eats Together gathers the Danish people every year in week 45 with food and community as the center. And once again Vejle Municipality choose to support the event - with a party of tartles. It all took place on Tuesday, November 8 between 12 - 6 PM, where you were able to enjoy the most delicious tartlets and meet new people.

Who is Denmark Eats Together?

Danmark Eats Together - The People's Movement towards loneliness uses the meal as an occasion for being together and to spand our community for new people, who are missing friendships and company. At the communal eating event our focus is set on good company, so that everybody feels like a part of a community. The amount of participants determines how much of a national impact we can make in regards to fighting loneliness every year. 

Who can arrange communal eating event?

Everybody. From private people, municipalities, housing companies, associations, companies, schools, churches to museums. Everybody who wants could arrange or participate in a communal eating event.

Do you want to host a party of tartlets?

Do you want to join a party of tartlets?

The Late Summer Tartlet

The Blood Red Tartlet

The Tartlet of Hope