Potato tips & tricks


Do ypu know, from where the potato origins? Do you know the different potato varieties?

On this page you can learn more about the little tuber and get tips and tricks on, how you can cook the potato in different ways. Follow Per Mandrup into the kitchen and get inspirered on easier and faster ways to play with the potato. 

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The mandoline slicer is an amazing tool, that you'll love to have in your kitchen. You can use it to make potato chips or different variants of french fries. 

There are different ways to, how you can roast your potatoes. In order to precent food waste you can use your leftover potatoes and mix it together with bacon and onions

If you got an excess portion of potatoes, there is nothing more delicious than a soft mashed potato. But the mashed potato can also be innovated in other ways. 

You can use your knife to make fun and different cuts on your potato. If you got an extra portion of boiled potatoes lying around, it is easy to chop them up to a new, delicious dish. 

What do you need to pat attention to, when you're frying your potatoes and what is important to know, if you want to achieve the crispiest french fries and chips?

It's important to include all the senes, when you're working with food. What is the significance of not just focusing on the taste, but also sound, light and colours.